Friday, November 28, 2008

Shop Announcement: Free Shipping!!

From today until December 31st I am offering free shipping for US buyers. So instead of having to ultimately spend about $7 for a single bar of soap, you can purchase a little bit of handmade luxury for a more affordable price. Who says luxury is expensive?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Storytime: Thumpers part 3

12:30 p.m. Downtown Chicago

The steel-framed, glass covered skyscraper stood monolithic against the clear summer sky. Joseph Hauss (pronounced 'house') stood just outside of it peering skyward, taking in the sight of this inanimate creature who had sucked up twenty years of his life. Joseph Hauss, who stood in front of the busy revolving doors of the John Hancock Center with his briefcase held tightly in one hand was the poster boy for having your shit together. His dusky brown hair was graying at the temples, and the feet of crows were just beginning to scratch at the corners of his eyes. At 52-years-old he was still handsome. A 6'4" muscular frame and eyes of the palest blue is what kept his wife Carlisle comming back for more.

The people hustling and bustling past him gave only grunts of dissaproval that he stood in their way. The revolving door just kept on revolving. Round and round they went in a never-ending cycle of life-stealing. They made sure their salaries were in order, their 401k's intact, their suburban homes furnished in the latest trends as flat panel plasma T.V's, but they had no time. No time and no energy to enjoy any of it. Joseph Hauss didn't have much time either. He only had 32 hours to be exact, and then he would be decidedly out of time. With a solemn face that did not do his chiseled features justice he stepped through those doors. He stepped through the revolving maw of the life-stealing, time-eating beast, but not for the last time.


Claire was opening the door of the house when her husband pulled into the driveway behind her. Tyler gave her his pleasant smile and parked the car. Aiden ran to him, Thumper in hand to show his dad his new pet. Scooping Aiden in his arms, they all went into the house together.

Tyler had been a wonderful father to Aiden and that's saying alot. They had all been through some rough times in the beginning of their marriage when Aiden's biological father decided that Claire and Aiden were his property even from a distance. Claire had never seen her mild-mannered husband Tyler so angry as he was the night of the thunderstorm. That's how Claire thought of it. It seemed that night that even the weather signaled the climactic breaking point for all of them, especially Aiden. She liked her cool, calm, and collected husband. He didn't raise his voice, and he never raised his hands to her or her son.

"Go on upstairs and get Thumper comfortable Aiden," Claire said giving him a quick pat on the butt. Aiden ran up the stairs and almost tripped. He turned back towards her when he reached the landing and gave her the biggest grin.
"Thanks mom," he said in the sweetest voice. "You're welcome baby," Claire said having to hold back the tears that threatened to run down her cheeks.