Friday, January 29, 2010

From Clay Masks to Facial Soap Bars

So, as of late I haven't been all the impressed with my own clay facials. I have stalled on making them, and really they need essential oils to bring the most benefit. Well, the one facial soap that I make is a good seller for me. So I decided why not go with that. Using a soap is faster and a lot less messy. It's also a lot less work to do to get the same effect. I also would feel more comfortable putting essential oils in a soap rather then mixing them straight into my clay masks. So what I wanted to do starting in February, was make the facials I have into soaps instead. They would be more costly than my normal soaps because of the price of essential oils, the clays I would mix in, and all those things are more expensive. It also would serve to streamline my offering of products. I want to really limit what I have to soaps and maybe one or two other things, so that I can keep up.

I always spread myself too thin thinking that I should add this and that, and all of it costs money I don't have and that my business is not paying for yet. So if I can simply offer what I'm best at making anyways, that would be much better for me and ultimately my customers. I would be able to update faster and generally keep my shop from stalling like it does now. If I had any customers that wanted to keep tabs on what I was making, I've surely bored them to death by not having anything new and exciting to add every few weeks or so.