Friday, September 19, 2008

Storytime: Thumpers Pt. 1

"Mommy I want this one", Aiden said pointing emphatically at the brown and white bunny.
"Okay Alan, just let mommy look around a bit more", Claire said ruffling Aidens' thick black hair.
"Okay," he said, then focused his attention back towards the bunny. Claire walked over to the desk, was pointed towards the end of the line, stood behind a tall gentleman, and waited her turn. She took a quick look around the animal shelter. It wasn't very large, but it was clean and the animal odor was kept to a minimum. Claire looked over to her son. Aiden was a premature baby that she didn't think would survive long after birth. She thanked God everyday that he had. Aiden was 8 years old and small for his age, but very mature. He was clear thinking and logical and very articulate, and Claire had to be careful not to pour her heart out to him when they talked. It was sometimes easy to forget he was only 8.
" Go ahead" an annoyed voice from behind her said.
" Oh sorry," Claire said a little embarassed and went up to the desk.
"Good afternoon ma'am. How can I help you out today," the young man spoke from behind the desk.
"Hi, I just wanted to sign and pay for the bunny over there. My son seems to have already bonded with it." They both looked over at Aiden who seemed to be talking to the bunny. Aiden glaced at them, gave an awkward smile, and resumed conversation.
"Kids and their imagination huh," the clerk said while handing her the animal adoption papers.
"I just need you to sign these and the fee is $40. We'll collect the animal and you should be on your way in just a few minutes."
"Okie dokie." Claire signed the papers and couldn't wait to get outside into some fresh air that didn't reak of cat litter and dog food.

Out into the fresh air Claire and Aiden made there way across the giant parking lot. Aiden beamed with excitement. He had already named his pet Thumper after a certain other cartoon rabbit. Claire was happy to see him like this. It was rare lately that he smiled and he always seemed so sullen. Aiden had been overly protective of her during the past few months much to her husbands chagrin. Aiden's black hair shone brilliantly in the late summer sunlight. His bright huge blue eyes sparkled, and his step had an extra bounce in it. Claire almost had to choke back tears. It was wonderful seeing him so happy, seeing him as a child again.

(To Be Continued.......... Check back soon to read the rest!)

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