Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Fruit and the Flower is Here!!

Well, they're finally here. At least the first two are anyways. The beginning of my Fruit and Flower Collection is here, and soon to arrive in my store. I took some pictures of them and they are so beautiful. The fragrances of both are awesome as well. There are surely more to come to this bright and fresh summer collection!

The soap above is my pride and joy and the first in the series, Strawberry and Chamomile. This fragrance is much fresher then the first batch of this I made (which I was unable to part ways with, hence the second batch!). Chamomile is usually thought of as calm and serene, but this scent in just the opposite when paired with sweet strawberries. A zesty almost cool scent leaves you feeling and smelling wonderful!

This one to the right is Raspberry and Mint. Spearmint and eucalyptus was blended with a sweet and tart raspberry fragrance. Surprisingly this scent is more subdued than the soap above. Each scent works wonders at toning down and complimenting the other in this blend. You would be very pleased with this intoxicating smell!

Well those are it for right now, but I'm in the laboratory cooking up a (soap) storm and coming up with some unique and bold fragrances. These two beauties should be up before the end of this month (March '09).

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