Friday, October 16, 2009

My Printer Died.....But Then I Got a New One!!

Yeah, my old Lexmark Z23 died about 2 weeks ago. It was really devastating as I can't conduct any business without it. So after much looking around I found a nice HP printer for a wonderful price. It was only $32 on the HP site. Other stores had printers but they were either too pricey or they were all-in-one's which I hate. It's like the technology for them is not up to par. Either that or they're designed to fail you. I've had three different brand new all-in-one printers from different companies and none of them lasted beyond a couple months.

I'm pretty good at fixing PC problems but I'm crap with printers so when they break it's over. The one that finally died though was at least 6 years old, and it was only $24 at Target at the time. So it paid for itself and then some. This new one though is fast! It prints so quickly, quietly, and clearly. Very much worth the money I paid.

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