Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can You Smell That?.......Well I Sure Can't!

The rigors of soapmaking are ever ongoing. During this month of Ramadan I have found it more difficult than I assumed to have the energy to really make soap consistently. The thing that really has been bothering me more so than lack of energy, has been my stagnant group of fragrances. The time has come around for me to remake some of the older scents that have sold out, so that's not a big issue. What about the new scents though? Well, lately I've found myself not really being able to spare the money to purchase a new round of fragrances. I "window shop" as it were almost daily making, then deleting, then remaking a list of fragrances that I want to buy. With the fall around the corner, I need to put my body butter sticks back on the shelf. They were a best seller over the winter and fall months, and so would be a complete fail if I didn't get them back up. As for the scents, I want oils that are appropriate for the season, but that doesn't scream Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want subtle and warm and spicy without having to fall back on the old standby's like pumpkin or pine. Though admittedly I have never used them in my lineup, so they may be worth a blend.

Well I don't know how I'm gonna pull it off, but I may be getting a little finacial boost in a couple weeks. That should be a big help in deciding exactly what kind of scents I want to go for.

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