Monday, August 24, 2009

Such a Long Time

Oh boy, it's been such a long time posting here, that I'm afraid no one will read me!

Nothing much has been happening, hence no posts. Over the last few months business did pick up however. Etsy, the site where I sell, decided late last year/earlier this year to create their own brand of SEO. For those of you unaware SEO= search engine optimization. It seems they buried pretty much the entire site from Google by taking up valuable keyword space, that should have otherwise been used at the discretion of each individual shop. They "spammed" the word Etsy in everyone's metatags, basically making Google's crawlers regard the entire site as a spam site. Google buries sites like that into an irrelevant supplemental search. Basically no one's shop could be successfully searched via Google or other major search engines.

Well, I guess they finally sorted that out after much wrangling by the Etsy sellers. It has taken a little while for the search engines to re-catalog the site and thusly individual shops. It must have worked because I started getting sales and views again after a very long draught.

All in all I guess I am getting quite tired of the whole Etsy site and how things are run there. It doesn't seem to run very effeciently, and they spend more energy closing threads it seems, than tending to real issues.

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