Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a Quick Update....

On Business: I finally got my shipment of soap oils today. I am going to really have to work at rescheduling when I need supplies. I always run out around this time of year, when really in order to succeed in the Holiday rush, you need to have finished product on hand to offer to the public. It really defeats the purpose to have people interested in your store, only for you not to be able to post anything new for more than a few days. It's been a few weeks for me. :(

Personal: The workouts have been going well if I take a step back and stop being so critical of myself. It's been little over a month and I have learned a few spins. It still takes a lot of effort for me to master them although I keep working at it. Really I need to be less critical and remember that I am very new to this. I watch the professionals and then look at myself.....ugh. That's just me though. They had to start somewhere too right? Like, at the beginning. A long road ahead, but I know I will be pleased if I continue on. It's still fun even though I have had some bad pole days.

So until next time. Once I start listing new items perhaps I'll have promotion going on this blog. So look out for that.

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