Friday, March 14, 2008

Hey everybody....

Well this is my very first time ever blogging. I am excited about it actually more than I thought I would be. I simply wanted an are where I could talk about my absolute favorite hobby, making soap. Most my blogs are gonna be about soap, but if I get passionate about something (as I often do), it'll show up here no doubt. So I hope I get a lot of visitors. I want people to feel free to comment on whatever I write. Lemme know what you think because I really like feedback.

Also, I did want to introduce myself to the internet and people who might be interested in what I make. Soap making is more than a hobby for me, it's a business venture as well. I have only really just begun my business a few months ago. I've been making soaps longer than that of course, but I always thought I should improve my method and skills before I tried offering soaps to the public.

If there are any other soap makers out there, I'd like to get to know you all. I wanna talk to people who understand the whole process. Maybe sometimes we can share important knowledge about this, offer tips and tricks..the works.

Here's a link though to my site. I'm on Etsy (yay!). There are so many things there and many great artists. Go have a browse around, but check out my site first...:p

Until next time I guess........

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Paul said...

Welcome to the wide, wide world of blogging, my friend! Glad to see you've done it!