Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Big Ole New Crockpot Baby!!♥

I am so happy about my new large crockpot. There's nothing worse than a soaper being literally confined to a very small pot to cook soap in. But here's my new baby working hard. As you can see it is rather large. I wish I had pics of the smaller one. Maybe I'll upload those another time so you can compare and see what I'm talkin about.

Anyway, I was cooking some soap in it at the time and was actually able to allow it to self turn and everything without having to constantly stir it down so that it doesn't creep right out of the pot.
Here's my little working cooking soap for mama!

That's the soap in the middle of the self-turn process. I actually got this one for $10 at a resale shop. They had other vintage models but they were more expensive and smaller. So I got this one. I couldn't ask for a better slow cooker. I'm so happy.

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