Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bergamot and Rose Soap is Mine All Mine!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I got off my lazy butt and finally figured a formulation for the new base oils I bought. I like to play around with the base oils if I have never worked with them before to get a feel for how they behave during the soapmaking process. So I made a test batch which I had already decided wouldn't be up for sale, but my own personal batch. Well, it turned out so good I might rethink it........nah it's mine! I had some palm oil that I added to the list of base oils I used.

Babassu, palm kernel oil, castor, coconut, and palm. I didn't try out my colors nor did I test my new fragrances. I soaped some older fragrances I had around. I decided to make a blend of Bergamot which is a citrus type smell, and rose which is floral. That blend was awesome! Too bad I don't have any more of either of those fragrances. Can you tell I got a new crinkle cutter too? I'm so excited. I can finally start making some to put up for sale.

The soap was rock hard the next day. I believe it was the palm kernel oil that did it. It was rock solid in the bottle and now I see why people sell it in flakes. Anyway I had to give it a hot water bath just to melt it enough to pour into the crockpot to melt it.........crazy. Plus palm oil is hard too, and coconut oil is solid if you get 76* melt point of the 96* one. I don't bother with fractionated for soap making. Too expensive for no reason.

Happy to be back soaping again. Peace out!!!

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