Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Orton to Start for the Bears

So yeah this ain't got nothin to do with soap this time. I am so glad to know that Kyle Orton is the Bears choice for starting QB. About time, although I know that Angelo ain't gonna let Grossman sit out the entire season. Too bad that, because Rex has given me and the rest of the Bears fans (and Coach Smith I believe as well quiet as it's kept) about all I can take. With the fumbles and interceptions, bad decisions and general inability to run simple offense effectively, it's about time the Bears camp saw things the fans way.

Even when they benched Orton during his rookie year, I liked him. Yeah he was making mistakes but so do all rookies. I believe Kyle Orton has what it takes to be a good competent QB. Maybe he won't be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but so what. If they give him a fair chance to show what he's got during the regular season he'll be good. Unfortunately, the OL won't be helping him too much, but I'm guessing that since Orton is taller than Grossman, he'll be able to stay in the pocket to take advantage of what little protection the OL can give him. In any case no matter what the rest of the offensive positions are like, I'd rather have Orton lead the team than interception-the-poo. I mean anytime teams blitz you constantly in a preseason game you know the word has been out on you that you can't take the pressure. He even let the 7th round draft pick QB outplay him and that's sad but not surprisingly.

People who want to defend Grossman always bring up the 06 season, saying he led the team to the SuperBowl, but he didn't. The defense and special teams did the bulk of the work, while Grossman coasted along. The OL was in better shape, so his mistakes weren't as glaring with a winning season. It all became very clear when he totally f*d up at the Super Bowl. Fumbling snaps and otherwise making an ass out of himself, he needed to be let go in this off season which brings me to my next gripe.

Jerry Angelo sucks. He can only draft defensive players. His offensive picks are usually busts. In this last draft he should have been picking offensive players in the higher rounds not in the 7th round were the busters roam. Instead he picked a dude with a bad back who is out for the season which officially makes him a bust, and he picks defensive players surprise surprise. The Bears brass does not like to spend money on its offense which is the lamest thing I've ever seen. How can you expect to be a winning team without effective offense. This brings me to my next gripe.

The offense itself is not creative at all and very bland and vanilla. Orton can run the offense I believe but doesn't have a whole lot to work with. The same old plays over and over with no deviation make for a very predictable and defendable offense. Poor Orton. Seems he will have a short rope with which to hang himself should he prove not the be the next pro bowl QB they were hoping for.

At the other offensive positions are also "?" but this is the issue. Since the Bears don't see the need to spend money on offense they will suffer. Since Jerry can't seem to pick a good offensive player to save his life (or the life of his team) then hire someone to help out with that. Lovie Smith is a good coach but the people he has around him are lame and are hindering what could be an otherwise threatening team from being just that.........a threat in the NFC.

Okay so I'm done with that. I can't wait to see how this season turns out. I figure they'll win about 7 or 8 games. If they win more than that I guess that'll be bootleg good news. If they lose more than that, maybe they'll think about offense more. I doubt it though.

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