Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Negative Feedback Makes Me Feel Sick!!

Okay I just got my first negative feedback for the first time ever, either on Etsy or in person. It makes me feel literally sick to my stomach. I'm not angry at the person, but I guess what I am disappointed about is the fact that I was not contacted first by this person. I would have been more than happy to do whatever I could to make sure that each and every customer walks away satisfied with their shopping experience. I know this isn't always possible, because not everyone is going to like what you sell even if they buy it. Doesn't mean I can't strive for that though.

For any buyers out there whether you buy from Etsy or any other place, here's a tip. Never ever walk away from a shopping experience unhappy and then spread a bad word about the people you bought from. Always if you can get back to that person/store and tell them that you are unhappy with your purchase please do so. This is especially the case with small business owners and businesses where the person(s) in charge are accessible to you. If they are unaccommodating, then fine they are asking for a bad rep to be spread about them. A seller cannot know that something is wrong if you don't tell them so. You may be surprised how amicable and approachable some small business owners are. So buyers give that a try before you walk away angry or disappointed.

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