Monday, July 7, 2008

Going to A Craft Show

In Atlanta, GA. I'm gonna be at the "riyaadah" (the name of the event), and hopefully I will do well there. I'm having high aspirations that I'll make money there, and will be shutting my etsy store down for the weekend.

After I come back, I'm most likely going to go soap shopping. On the list is soap oils, and fragrance oils. As a customer, what kind of fragrances would you like to see in my store?

I eagerly await anybody who wishes to post their answers. I'm really interested in the customers helping me make decisions that appeal to them for my products.

Thanks a bunch ya'll!

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Lave-me! Soap Co said...

Don't do what I did! I spent over $200 just on fragrance oils! YIKES!
They should be here tomorrow and I took the day off just to soap! I have a show in August, my first, so good luck to yours!!!!