Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Soap Oil Waiting Game....

I am waiting and very desperately I might add, for the chance to buy some more soap-making oils. I want better quality and better prices and I found a really good site to buy from. It will cost me about $80 to get the oils I want though, but it is very worth it. The soaps I make now are very good quality. They clean very well and lather well also. But now as with anything, it's time for improvement. I want a wider range of oils to use.

Short list of things I need to improve on:

1) Colors and presentation of the actual soap.

I have focused on making a soap that people will want to come back for time and again. I have mainly focused on the quality of my soaps, moreso than having all the visual bells and whistles. I need to step my game up on that. People like to have something nice to look at as far as colors and such, so some ultramarines, iron oxides and micas are in order now.

2) Range of fragrances.

I don't have a lot of money at this time, and sadly it prohibits me from making the types of fragrance purchases in the quantity I need. I need at minimum 1lb of each fragrance I buy to be able to make soaps and lotions,and then be able to restock when the time comes. At the moment I can only invest in enough of any scent to make products once or twice and still maintain a strong scent. I need to improve in this area as well. More scents means my customers have more to choose from and consequently more sales.

3) Range of base oils.

What I was talking about at the beginning of this rant. I need to have at least 4-5 different base oils to combine to formulate soap for different types of applications. I wish to make shampoo and conditioner soaps, but lack the proper oils to make it truly effective.

These are three things crucial to my continued success in this business. Armed with these three things, I can create a wide range of product that people will want to buy, and keep buying, and refer others to buy too.

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