Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soap Oil Waiting Game is Almost Over

Yes!! In a few days time I'll be able to order my soap-making oils. The end of the wait draws nigh. I died a little inside each day that I couldn't, or rather refused to make soap. So yeah, those are a lot of days that went by so I'm like at zombie status right now,lol! I refused to use oils that I had already had. Currently, I make a good bar of soap, but that isn't good enough for me. My skills have surpassed mid-grade oils and so now since I'm a big girl soap maker, my customers and I are ready for a better soap. I finally have the money saved to get my wish list to a certain degree. The oils I'm ordering are:

Babassu - For it's fluffy lather, cleansing and emollient properties.
Castor Oil- For its lather and conditioning properties
Coconut - for lather as well as hardness. Also a good conditioner for skin and hair.
Palm kernel - you guessed it for lathering, cleansing, and conditioning

As you can see I went for lather and hardness that can be usually achieved with solid oils. I may add some stearic acid to increase hardness of the bar. I tried to stay away from oils that produce DOS = dreaded orange spots. It can make an otherwise fine bar of soap aesthetically displeasing to say the least. I am tired of having to stop selling bars that have done this, so it was time for an upgrade. I'm happy that I'm about to be able to offer something even better than before to my customers.

My shop has come to a standstill because of this waiting. I also need to purchase some cotton yarn for the crocheted bath puffs I am about to offer as well. After this hurdle of soap oils is over, I can concentrate on buying other things like better colors, and some more fragrances. Slowly but surely it is all coming together for me.

Just a note I finally sold out of two of my soaps! The spearmint and the orange oats. I'm so happy that now I get to remake some soap instead of looking at soap on the shelf that I still have a few bars of that haven't all been sold.

Well, that's all for now people. Thanks for reading.

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