Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are They Trying to Kill Us?

It's a serious question. As I become more and more aware of ingredients in different skincare and bath products, I also become aware of something I'd rather not. Are these big name companies trying to slowly kill us? Some people think so. Many ingredients that we put on our bodies we also put in our bodies, but I don't think many people know that. Slowly reports about certain artificial, man-made, and severely altered natural indredients are surfacing regarding their potential harm.

Let's take toothepaste for example. Most of them contain flouride. We have been told that flouride helps our teeth be healthier and cleaner, and at the same time we are told not to swallow toothepaste because flouride is also a poison. How many times have you accidentally swallowed flouride in your lifetime? What was the effect of the chemical buildup? Do we know? Did we expell it out of our systems, or did this poison build up over time to help damage some of our organs, or disrupt the way our body performed, or overall health? I don't know. I doubt you know either. In any case, an effective toothepaste can be created using natural ingredients. Also, eating less refined sugar can have a number of benefits to our health, including eating less of it to preserve our teeth.

It is becoming more and more serious an issue for me to start with something so small as to offer a soap that does not contain these undesirable components. I feel more and more like I am doing a public service by offering such products, and I think I can safely speak for other soap crafters that feel likewise.

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