Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Other Passion....

Okay time to take a break on soap, just for a bit. My other passion is cars. Paraticularly race cars, be they muscle cars old and new, domestic and import tuners, or you didn't know were fast. My personal favorite sleeper is the '98 Oldsmobile Aurora. This car replaced Olds Toronado. The Toronado was Oldsmobile's race car, but when it became outdated they replaced it with the Aurora. It was a big hit. I bought the old boy in '05. It was white and I named him white lightning.

That's what it looked like although that's not a pic of my exact car. The sad story of white lightning is that I bought it from an auction. Beware of those. I turned off my spidey senses, because of my need to have the car, but I paid a price. My car had been previously in a collision, and the case frame was busted. Whoever owned the car before must have loved it, because they attempted to have it repaired. This involves removal of the engine, and welding of the frame. You can't re-weld a frame. It never works. Once a car's frame has been warped or busted it will never be the same again. Some car frames are worked from a single piece or employ a technology beyond welding. To weld a case frame gives the car maybe about 6 months before it breaks again. That's how long I kept white lightning. He died on me on Lake Shore Dr. The case frame broke and the car simply came to a halt. I was forced to junk it. Not only did I not have the money to fix it even if I wanted to, but I knew that it would be a waste of time and energy to try and repair something that in essence can't be fixed.

I am quite passionate about many cars, none of which I can afford lol!. Like this 2008 Dodge Challenger
It hasn't deviated much from the old 70's Challenger, and I like that a lot. I hate it when they revamp a great car, and in the name of making it better they make a monster. Case in point is what happened to the Ford Mustang. Remember the 70-71 'stang? Now think back to the monstrosity of the 80's version of the 5.0. Ford finally got it right when they came out with a body style similar to the old mustangs. Even with that said, Mustangs are still crap compared to the Charger and the Challenger.

Another car company that did a god job on a remake of their old car is Chevy. The 2008 Camero is a thing of beauty.

Okay that's enough on that. Had to take a break from the soap talk. I'm more than a one-trick-pony ya know.

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GracieBird said...

'66 Charger, baby! My mom had one, only drove it to the grocery store. What I'd give for that car now- well, maybe not with the price of gas.