Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Customer Feedback and Appreciation

As a seller, one of the things I wait for with baited breath is customer feedback. Of course I love positive feedback, but negative ones are just as valuable if not more so sometimes. I gave a completed set of products to my mother in law. When my husband visited her, she simply raved about the quality of the soap I had given her. She said she always without fail has to put on a ton of lotion after a shower no matter what soap she buys, but after using mine she didn't even notice that she hadn't put on any lotion at all. She said she really didn't need it as her skin wasn't dried out.

I just got feedback from a recent sale I had, and that customer loved it as well. They even liked my clay facials, which I was worried over since I hadn't sold any of them before now. I always appreciate a customer taking the time to comment on your items. It lets me know it left enough of an impression on them, that they thought about it later.

I wanna say thank you....a big fat THANK YOU!!! To all my customers so far.

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