Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out of the Melt and Pour Mindset

No, this isn't an MP bashing spree....I hate those. What this is, is me finally breaking out of the MP soapmaking mindset. As a former MP soap maker, I was accustomed to not having to use a ton of fragrance oil to get a strong scent for my soaps. Only if a scent was really weak did I have to use more than a .25 oz . When I turned to HP soap making, I knew technically that using so small a quantity of fragrance oil wasn't going to cut it. In reality though I couldn't bring myself to physically pour more than a half ounce of fragrance at one time. I knew deep down, that I couldn't go on doing that and settling for weak smells that disappeared soon after the soap cooled.

So yesterday I did it. I made a soap with a little more than 1.5 oz of fragrance and voila! Soap that smelled like more than the oils I made it with. I was stuck thinking I could work with such little fragrance, but finally had to come to reality. You just have to use more fragrance to get better smell. Simple as that. You'd have thought I would act on it immediately but hey, you live and learn.

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