Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To All Buyers/Consumers Is Truth a Turn-Off?

As a seller I learned rather quickly that you aren't supposed to communicate negative things about you or your products to customers. I wondered though does that include the truth? Is it off putting to you when a sales-person tells you something not-so-steller about what you are about to buy? On the other hand do you appreciate the honesty? I know that I have no problem laying it all out there. I hate misrepresenting items, and I am quick to tell customer whether it's up to snuff or not. For instance I had a soap for sale whose smell sounded yummy, but had lost its scent over time. When a buyer came along to purchase it I extolled the virtues of the soap, but drew direct attention to the scent issue. They bought it anyway, and was a happy camper afterwards.

So buyers you can weigh in on this. It the not-so-great truth about a product undesirable, or do you appreciate honesty?

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TotusMel said...

I voted for truth. I am so much happier when I have full disclosure.